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The PowerOneForOne Foundation is based in Düsseldorf, Germany, and aims to significantly transform the lifes of the most vulnerable ones in less developed countries. We provide them access to electricity to fight energy poverty - one of the worst forms of poverty.

The Founders

In 2017, Power One for One GmbH was founded, as a Clean Energy Impact Investment Company by Markus and Janine Voigt, AREAM, Patrick Lemcke-Braselman, AREAM and Dr. Kaiser Chaudhary to finance large scale clean energy projects in developing countries. At the same time it was recognised that still 1.2 billion people are living without access to electricity and that one of the biggest challenges is the financing of clean energy systems to fight energy poverty. So we created an organisational model with a for-profit entity, the Power One for One GmbH, and a non-profit entity, the PowerOneForOne Foundation gGmbH, with the goal to fight energy poverty in third world countries.


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