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Project: Tanzania - Juani Island Marine Park

Exchanging Kerosene Lamps to Solar Lamps

Install first solar home systems

Train locals to become Solar-Masters

Project Closed

We are happy to announce, that the family who initiated the project on Juani Island has achieved their goal to bring solar light to the Island and initiated a way to keep the project running under the direction of the inhabitants of the Island.

At the moment donations are not longer needed for this projects. Thank you all for your support.

Project Description "Juani Solar Project August 2018"

The Solar Project on Juani Island, Tanzania is initiated and managed by a family living in Düsseldorf. Until now, there is NO electricity on the island and the only source for light are kerosene lamps. In October Lenja, the daughter, will fly to Juani Island to introduce the firtst solar lamps and home systems. She will explain the easy-go price system, health and ecological advantages of solar lights over from kerosene lamps and set up a system to supply the island with solar lamps and later maybe bigger solar systems. Lenja will train a local solar master from the island, who will provide the people of Juani. First goal will be to give light in form of lamps and install small plug-in-systems. A slightly bigger system is planned to get electricity to public places like the school. 

The vision is to establish an independently working and sustainable project that is run by locals to empower the community. 



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