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PowerOneForOne Foundation Ambassadors Advocate for Women in Pakistan

Charity Finnigan and Max Strepp from London have been supporting our PowerOneForOne Foundation since this fall. As ambassadors, they are committed to selected projects in a targeted and independent manner.

In their first project, Charity and Max are collecting money to finance solar-powered sewing machines for women in Pakistan. The pandemic has made life even more difficult for many people, especially in developing countries. To ensure that married women, who are usually not allowed to work outside the home, can also contribute to family maintenance, donations are being collected to equip women with solar-powered sewing machines. With the help of the local NGO EcoEnergy, they are trained as seamstresses and can sell the self-sewn products.

By providing solar-powered sewing machines and training women, a sustainable solution with fair wages is to be created, which simultaneously strengthens women's rights and promotes emancipation.

"We are thrilled to be working with PowerOneForOne foundation in raising funds to provide Solar Powered Sewing Machines for the women of Pakistan. We couldn’t think of a more notable cause which sustainably supports equality and our environment”, said Charity and Max about the collaboration.

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