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aream, aream GmbH

"As we recognized there are more than 1.2 billion people with no access to electricity, we had to act.”

Markus Voigt, Founder AREAM Group


Our 1. Step was founding the Power One For One GmbH as a company investing only in green energy in developing counties in 2017. Following by founding the nonprofit organization PowerOneForOne Foundation gGmbH in 2018 with the goal to empower people with small-solar-home-systems (SSHSs) for the rural electrification on a non-profit basis through Fund-Raising in cooperation with AREAM Group who aims to promote the electrification for millions of the poorest world-wide with its simple but powerful philosophy: Invest & Empower."


We are very proud to be associated with PowerOneForOne; its philosophy completely matches ours.

Every technical progress must be accompanied by a social progress and it must also benefit those who are less privileged.   We must use technology to save our environment and give everybody access to clean energy.

Georg Brakmann

Founder and Managing Director of SolEngCo GmbH


"The PowerOneForOne Foundation supports small projects that are only possible through a lot of personal commitment with local partners. Typically, we support projects primarily in our region. As we are very much involved in energy issues, we are pleased to be able to make a contribution here to improve local living conditions through measures related to decentralized energy production."

Florian Stahl

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"Access to electricity means more than just bringing light into the darkness. It means access to education, heat, health, communication and participation - in short, a way out of poverty. With our donation, we want to support the PowerOneForOne Foundation in its important work and contribute to giving people in developing countries access to one of the fundamental enabling technologies of our time: clean, renewable energy.”

L. Rehfeldt und Uwe Damke



"The supply of electricity in various areas of life is a matter of course for us. It is now unimaginable for us to have to do without electricity. With this in mind, we support the social commitment of the PowerOneForOne Foundation to provide clean electricity to the world's poorest people."

Oliver Gremmer


"We are pleased about the initiative of the PowerOneForOne Foundation which we are happy to accompany! Since we ourselves are also active in Africa, we know first hand about the hardship in some areas and know that each - even small – contribution helps improving the situation, as long as it supports and promotes personal commitment on the ground.”

Heiko Bartmann


"We are happy to support the PowerOneForOne Foundation because we are convinced that our support has a great effect and shows quick results."

Lena und Ingo Panknin

„ENcome is delighted to sustain this great initiative and help improve the lives of the children in Guatemala. We see the support of social projects as a matter of course and our duty and thank the PowerOneForOne Foundation for their tireless work.”

Jörg Christiansen

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