"As we recognized there are more than 1.2 billion people with no access to electricity, we had to act.”

Markus Voigt, Founder AREAM Group


Our 1. Step was founding the Power One For One GmbH as a company investing only in green energy in developing counties in 2017. Following by founding the nonprofit organization PowerOneForOne Foundation gGmbH in 2018 with the goal to empower people with small-solar-home-systems (SSHSs) for the rural electrification on a non-profit basis through Fund-Raising in cooperation with AREAM Group who aims to promote the electrification for millions of the poorest world-wide with its simple but powerful philosophy: Invest & Empower."

"The supply of electricity in various areas of life is a matter of course for us. It is now unimaginable for us to have to do without electricity. With this in mind, we support the social commitment of the PowerOneForOne Foundation to provide clean electricity to the world's poorest people."

Oliver Gremmer

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