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Bringing electricity to the people in need after a natural catastrophy


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Project Description

With this non-profit project, the PowerOneForOne Foundation supports Joy Belles-Görtz in her non-profit activities in her home town Kandy in Sri Lanka helping the people in great existential need after a natural catastrophy like floods and adverse raining., but also helping to fight povertry and bad education in a long term. As one of our first projects, it aims at giving small solar plug in systems, so a minimum electricity for lamps and chargers is provided. The goal will be to install small home systems in several public places for producing electricity for the village.


This non-profit initiative will serve the local community with solar energy, where hóuseholds can share  "solar unit". It will provide utilities for low-income users and new units for the poor. Mobile solar water heaters, simple solar driers, dual powered solar reading lamps, solar mobile chargers, improved box type solar cookers, etc. are very much needed by low-income families in poor areas. We are thankful for any immediate support. Help in any way is gratly appreciated.

Frau Belles-Görtz lebt in Osterrath, NRW und hat jahrzehntelange Erfahrung in Erwachsenen Bildung als IHK Prüferin für IT Berufe; für Mechatroniker, IT Kaufleute, Programmierer und als multimedia Designerin.

Frau Belles-Görzt praktiziert und lehrt seit über 30 Jahren Yoga und ist der Familie Voigt seit mehr als 10 Jahren eng verbunden.

New results from visit in January 2019

After getting solar electricity to the community house, Joy this time went out into the country side. This sounds romantic, but to travel arround in this area is no fun. As it is raining a lot, streets are not good and humidity is high. There are also a lot of insects, why Joy tried to help the people by giving special solar light lamp, against insects.

She is also testing a small solar pump system, for people who have no showers.

Very happy was a mother of 3 small children, who's husband died from heartattack. We gave her 10,-- $ (so little money for us, makes such a great diffrenz to her!) to buy the schoolbooks for Shiroshi, who is her 9 year old daughter. Also we gave her a solar cooker, so she mustn't cook in her hut on an open fire and saves time for her children by not searching for wood.

More solar cookers where given  to families with many children, to help to avoid unhealthy smoke in the little huts.

Now Joy is preparing teaching material, because it is necessary to have local people who can explain the technic and the benefits and can help whith handling or repairing the solar items. At the same time, it's a way to creat new jobs, which means, more children can go to school instead of helping to rise familyincome with theire work.

All products, if possible, are bought from local dealers and are installed by local electricians. This way we try to support the whole area.



Right below: Shiroshi, 9 years

Above: fireplace in Shiroshis hut

Below: Shiroshi's mother with        caretaker

Right above: women with solar-anti-insect-lamp


1. Result, Dezember 2018

After beeing there for sevaral times, Joy was able to install a small-solar-home-system on the roof of the community house in Kandy, which is open to everybody and educates about 50 children from the whole area!

The products were bought from local dealers and were installed by local electricians, so besides from solar electricitie we could also give local poeple work.



Elektriker bei Installation von Licht.JP
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