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The PowerOneforOne Foundation, engages socially in order to contribute in the long term to millions of poor people in developing countries being able to experience equal opportunities.  Electricity is an essential prerequisite for this. Fortunately, humanity is technologically ready to produce clean energy even in the most remote regions of the world, but often there is a lack of financial resources. This gap should close our PowerOneforOne Foundation to help people to help themselves. Below you can see our current project that you can support by your donations.

Rwera Mixed Primary School in Ntungamo and St. Bruno Vocational School in Isingiro

Foto, Kinder, Spende, Insingiro, Gehörlose

The PowerOneForOne Foundation tries to improve the situation in the two schools by installing solar systems and storage batteries, so the schools can create conditions that enable evening classes and meaningful recreational activities and light in sleeping rooms and eating hall, as at the moment the children have to eat in absolutly darkness!

Light is essential for the children and young people of both schools as they are deaf and communicate with sign language.

Kinder, Spende, Glück
Kinder, Spende, Essen
Spielen, Kinder, Spende
Foto Kinder, Spende
Sri Lanka Frau

Joy Belles-Görtz


With this non-profit project, the PowerOneForOne Foundation together with Joy Belles-Görtz supports the non-profit activities in her home town Kandy in Sri Lanka by helping the people in existential need after natural catastrophes like floods and adverse raining. As one of our first projects, it aims at giving small solar plug in systems, so a minimum electricity for lamps and chargers is provided. The goal will be to install small home systems in several public places for producing electricity for the village.

Solarpanel Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Gemeindahaus in Kandy mit dem 1. Solarpanel

Projectmitarbeiter in Kandy bei der Installation der 1. elktrischen Lampe im Gemeindehaus


Travelogue Sri Lanka
By Joy Belles-Görtz

Interim status 1 January 2020

Dear Janine, thank you for your information about bottle lamps in slum huts. *
Yeah, it's a great idea. It's very labour-intensive at the moment, because we visit the slums to see the nature of the ceiling material. Not all roofs are firmly made of corrugated iron or are suitable for it. Nevertheless 

Summer 2019

After beeing in Kandy for sevaral times, Joy was able to install a small-solar-home-system on the roof of the community house in Kandy, which is open to everybody and educates about 50 children from the whole area! The products were bought from local dealers and were installed by local electricians, so besides from solar electricitie we could also give local poeple work. Also we are educating children and mothers. Kids are planting trees and mothers build their own solar cookers for excample. All families in the programm collect plastic litter to keep their environment clean.

The PowerOneForOne Foundation supports

the childrens home and school Casa Guatemala  by exchanging diesel generators for a solar power system to bring affordable and clean electricity into a children's village located in an isolated area.

Casa Guatemala has operated for the past 30 years as an isolated children’s village that cares for up to 300 of Guatemala’s most vulnerable and marginalized children at any time.

Aldea Las Brisas Del Golfete, Guatemala


Guatemala, Kinder, Spende

The Children from Casa Guatemal say thank you for the donations.The 1. house out of 14 houses has now solar panels and storage battaries. So they have light at night!

Casa Guatemala, Spende
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