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The Team

The Power One For One Foundation team  is diverse and interdisciplinary united by the willingness to fight energy poverty.

Janine Voigt



Janine joined Voigt & Collegen (V&C) in 2004 and is a managing Director in various V&C and AREAM Group companies. Before that Janine worked as an investment consultant for alternative investment funds. In 2001, Janine has co-founded the nonprofit association Sterntaler Düsseldorf e.V. and later also the foundation Stiftung Sterntaler in Duesseldorf. She has a long-lasting track record in realizing charity projects in various fields, locals and also in supporting worldwide projects in cooperation with other Foundations. 

"I am deeply thankful for my wonderful family I love with all my heart. I will try every day to give a smile and to give back what life gave to me."  

Markus W. Voigt 

Markus Voigt is managing partner of AREAM GmbH, which he founded in 2004. He has more than 20 years of experience in the alternative assets and closed-end funds industry. After his studies in business administration he worked as a product manager for closed-end funds at a subsidiary of a large German savings bank (1990– 1994). In 1994 he founded and worked as CEO of an investment company in which ERGO insurance group, an affiliate of Munich Re and one of the largest German insurance companies, was invested (1994 – 2004). When his wife founded her first nonprofit association he became a strong supporter. In addition to that he supports also different national and international NGOs.

Patrick Lemcke-Braselmann


"After having been in the renewable energy industry for many years, which until a few years ago has concentrated almost exclusively on western countries while developing and emerging countries hardly played a role, I am pleased to be able to expand the focus and achieve even more than "just" implement large renewable energy projects. It is a matter of the heart to support rural electrification with our PowerOneforOne Foundation and, together with numerous dedicated partners, to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible. I am pleased to accompany the development of the PowerOneforOne Foundation in the next few years and I wish that we can persuade many people to support our project."

Dr. Kaiser Chaudhary 

"I was fortunate enough to grow up in Germany, a country where equality of opportunity is important and lived. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the countries of my ancestors, today's India and Pakistan. Millions of people still live there without electricity. Solving social and societal problems entrepreneurially, but at least contributing to reducing them, is what drives me. With the PowerOneforOne Foundation, we want to engage socially in order to contribute in the long term to millions of poor people in developing countries being able to experience equal opportunities that I came to enjoy.  Electricity is an essential prerequisite for this. Fortunately, humanity is technologically ready to produce clean energy even in the most remote regions of the world, but often there is a lack of financial resources. This gap should close our PowerOneforOne Foundation to help people to help themselves."

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