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Tanzania is a country in East Africa in the African Great Lakes region. About 50% of the population live in poverty, of which 35% do not have access to all basic needs, including energy services. Lack of access to modern energy services creates a vicious circle of poverty in rural communities as production opportunities and social amenities remain limited.


Our partner

Our solar project on Juani Island is initiated and managed by a family from Düsseldorf, Germany. The team consists of Hasan Bakari from the island of Mafia and Lena and Karsten, both of whom are from Germany and will be on site during the implementation phase. Hasan Bakari runs an NGO and has already implemented several social and environmental projects on Mafia Island.

The project

So far, there is no electricity on Juani Island and the only light source is kerosene lamps. In October 2018, the first solar lamps and home solar systems will be introduced to the island by Lenja. She will explain the easy-to-use pricing system and the health and environmental benefits of solar lights. In addition, she will set up a system to supply the island with solar lamps and later with larger solar systems. Lenja will train a local solar master who will help the community of Juani. Our first goal is to donate light in the form of lamps and to install small plug-in systems. With this project we hope to establish an independent and sustainable working project run by local people to strengthen their community. 

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