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Mlambe Hospital Lunzu, Southern Malawi

Flag Country Malawi


With about 19 million inhabitants, Malawi is one of the smaller countries in Africa. Due to the extremely high poverty, it is one of the poorest countries in the world. The health care system and infrastructure in Malawi are very poor. Therefore, people have no or very difficult access to medical care. Hospitals often lack reliable electricity and water supplies.

Our partner

Established in 2019 and based in the Netherlands, sopowerful Foundation's mission is to provide solar energy in places where it is urgently needed. Through their work, they contribute to the implementation of solar energy in the areas of healthcare and education in regions with a high density of children. The Foundation thus focuses not only on sustainable energy, but also on improving the quality of life and paving a better future for children who have been cut off from education due to their geographical location.

Hospital above Malawi

The project

Solar energy can be a valuable alternative to conventional energy supply for hospitals. Mlambe Hospital, in operation since 1963, is a healthcare facility in southern Malawi.


The hospital offers numerous services:

- Maternity ward

- gynecology

- Maternal and child health

- Dentistry

- Tuberculosis department

- Pediatric Department

- Surgical department

- Pharmacy Department

- Radiology Department

- Physiotherapy Department


As a result, the hospital treats approximately 50,000 people annually who require a constant supply of electricity and water. 

The current power supply is characterized by almost daily power outages lasting up to 20 hours. Patients and medical equipment suffer as a result.

By installing solar panels on the roof of the hospital, significant amounts of electricity can be generated from renewable sources, eliminating the need for the expensive and harmful diesel pump.

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