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Our story

We do not want to be an NGO that depends only on donations, but we aim to bring -in addition to our experience, knowledge and professionalism from the commercial realization of large-scale renewable energy plants- a long-term financing scheme into our non -profit engagement to work on the significant reduction of energy poverty.  


For this reason we created a social enterprise with an organizational model that includes a for profit entity, the Power One for One GmbH and the non-profit entity, the PowerOneForOne Foundation gGmbH,  with the goal to finance the global “Energiewende”, as well as contribute socially by fighting energy poverty.


The “Invest & Empower” model was developed according to the principal of “big helps small”. Parts of the returns from commercial renewable energy projects generated by Power One for One as well as part of the returns that our like-minded investors are going to generate will secure the long-term financial support of the PowerOneForOne Foundation.

With the help of like minded investors, Power One for One will invest in power plants, replacing the polluting and expensive production of electricity by conventional power generators. At the same time the most impoverished rural population should also benefit and receive electricity. This will be executed by the PowerOneForOne Foundation, mainly in cooperation with other engaged private persons and institutions working on the ground in developing countries.


On the basis of the long-term expertise of the persons involved, in the field of financing and managing renewable energy plants and the good connections to many non-governmental organizations as well as to local project developers, we are convinced that we can realize our vision!



The PowerOneForOne Foundation is led by Janine Voigt, who has been actively involved in social engagement for more than 20 years (read more under People).


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