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Small Solar Home Systems Punjab, India


As the second most populous country in the world, India is the fourth largest consumer of energy in the world. Nonetheless, access to energy is a major problem in India and there are major inequalities in access across the subcontinent. According to a census, 77 million households in India still use kerosene for lighting. The problem is even more acute in rural India, where up to 44 percent of households have no access to electricity.


Our Partner

For more than 10 years, EcoEnergy is dedicated to solving Pakistan's and India's energy access problem by creating a sustainable and scalable model for the widespread adoption of clean technology and solar energy. Their work helps to break the intractable problem of poverty in developing communities and advances gender equality and access to new income streams.

The project

With so many people still without access to electricity, our ongoing project in India is still very timely. Many families in the Punjab region lack energy and depend on dung, wood, kerosene, diesel generators or flashlights. Fuel poverty has many negative consequences that directly and indirectly affect the health, education, financial security and security of families living off the grid. 
Our project aims to provide many families with a small solar system that gives them light 24 hours a day. This will make a big difference in their lives.


Solar Panel Pakistan
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