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Our vision is to accomplish the goal of the international community of universal access to electricity for all, until 2030 - we want to reduce energy poverty significantly and at the same time make clean energy successful in developing countries.


We all should have the same chances in life and access to electricity is a MUS T.


Our mission is to reduce energy poverty by offering an affordable renewable energy solutions and make them available to low-income communities in rural areas of less developed countries. Electricity is an essential prerequisite for healthy and self-determined life. 

Fortunately, mankind is technologically ready to produce clean energy, even in the remotest regions of the world. Often, however, the financial means are lacking. The PowerOneForOne Foundation is committed to close this financial gap and pre-finance clean energy plug & play systems to help people help themselves. That's why we will power thousands of households in rural areas and promote clean energy and train multipliers.

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