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Giving light for 25 families in Sindh Province in Pakistan

As you know, energy poverty is a pervasive problem all over the world, with the largest off-grid populations residing in subSahara Africa and South Asia. For the past 10 years, EcoEnergy has operated a non-profit organization in Pakistan with the express purpose of electrifying off-grid populations, in order for them to improve the quality of their lives and get the necessary light they need and power to charge their phones, which they are increasingly more reliant on as a lifeline to their communications and their livelihoods.

Until now we have supported 25 needy families for our project across 3 districts : Thatta, Sujawal and Badin in interior Sindh Province in Pakistan. All of these families are named and addresses are listed. All of these families live in areas that are completely off-grid and will not be serviced by the government in the forseeable future- leaving them completely unconnected and in the dark.

With your generous contribution we will be able to give more families a solar home system that will power 2 fixed lights for the interior of their small two room homes, 1 mobile charger, and a portable light which they most likely will use at night to go to the toilet outside and avoid snake bites. Women and girls use the portable light for their nighttime security when going to the toilet.

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