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770.000.000 people are still without electricity

What we want

1,200,000,000 people are without access to electricity. We are combating energy poverty and want to accelerate the distribution of small solar systems with the aim of giving more and more people access to  clean and affordable electricity.

What we do

We support the proliferation of small and clean energy & pay-as-you-go sytsems in rural, underdeveloped parts of the world by reducing the burden of the investment costs and cash requirements for individuals, businesses and public institutions. 

How we want to work

How do we bring electricity to the people?

Financially, we reduce the financial with the pre-financing of small clean energy systems.

What makes the PowerOneForOne Foundation special? Read more:

Returns that are generated with the monthly instalments by the pay-as-you-go systems will be re-invested to empower more and more people with electricity.

In this way, we not only reduce the financial burden of investing in clean energy sytsems, but the PowerOneForOne Foundation also creates a self-sustaining and sustainable financial system, independent of donations.

On the technological side, we use plug & play energy systems, mostly solar with pay-as-you-go facilities, which makes the recording of installment payments easy and trackable.

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