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Our Story

The PowerOneForOne Foundation aims to significantly transform the lives of the most vulnerable ones and gives them access to electricity to fight energy poverty.


The PowerOneForOne Foundation reflects the desire to create a world in which all people have equal opportunities and do not have  to live in poverty.

The approach that the PowerOneForOne Foundation takes to realize its goals is shaped by the different backgrounds of the people involved in the Foundation. When we were developing the idea of Power One for One, we were very surprised by the number of people who still lack access to electricity, its We thought in the year 2017 this should not be the case. Technically, it is possible to bring electricity everywhere. Small solar systems are available almost everywhere around the world. Smart payment methods were introduced, such as Pay-As-You-Go. Moreover, there are lots of projects and companies working commercially on the electrification of rural areas. We found out, that one of the reasons, why the technical solutions are not helping more people, is a lack of financing.


This thought, the lack of financing, together with the experience of the people involved in the financing of renewable energy solutions, motivated us to create a new kind of organisational model.

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